Contemporary, Traditional, Creative, Western, Organic, Wild ... how we experienced the Western Design Conference

Welllp ... the Western Design Conference 2008 is over -- done -- fini -- and boy are we tired! Tim and I haven't had to stand on our feet for that many days and hours in a long time.

Tired, yes ... but good-tired. Just moments after we finished loading the truck and saying goodbye to the many wonderful folks we met at WDC, I snapped this shot our hotel:

Later in the week, I will post more about the conference: photos and observations of the conference as a whole, as well as some I snapped of some of the new friends we met here in Jackson, Wyoming. More than anything else, I appreciated meeting some of the amazing artists and craftspeople in the west. Check back in a couple of days when Tim and I have a chance to decompress and maybe I'll have a photo of you and your artwork here on ShopTalk. -- Maureen

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Pat Shaughnessy said...

Tim looks quite relaxed and I'm sure you had a great time. I hope it was a success and good things will come from the whole experience.