New Friends from the Western Design Conference

We met Lou and Cheryl Quallenberg at the Western Design Conference and immediately hit it off with both of them. Personally I like this photo I shot of Lou better than the pics he has on his website. (heh -- tongue planted firmly in cheek -- heh.) Lou really does have a fun sense of humor: enough anyway, to match Tim's.

Lou creates exquisite tables, benches and desks from large slabs of mesquite that might otherwise be doomed to the barbecue pits of Texas.

Cheryl is an artist and graphic designer in her own right, creating colorful impressionist watercolours and promoting Lou's woodworking with her clean, elegant graphic design.

I only got a hint of the many excellent stories these two have to share ... I hope we see them at next year's WDC -- even better, maybe they'll show up in Helena for a relaxed visit.
(lou-and-cheryl: hint, hint) -- Maureen

p.s. check out Lou's furniture at Lou Quallenberg Studios


Contemporary, Traditional, Creative, Western, Organic, Wild ... how we experienced the Western Design Conference

Welllp ... the Western Design Conference 2008 is over -- done -- fini -- and boy are we tired! Tim and I haven't had to stand on our feet for that many days and hours in a long time.

Tired, yes ... but good-tired. Just moments after we finished loading the truck and saying goodbye to the many wonderful folks we met at WDC, I snapped this shot our hotel:

Later in the week, I will post more about the conference: photos and observations of the conference as a whole, as well as some I snapped of some of the new friends we met here in Jackson, Wyoming. More than anything else, I appreciated meeting some of the amazing artists and craftspeople in the west. Check back in a couple of days when Tim and I have a chance to decompress and maybe I'll have a photo of you and your artwork here on ShopTalk. -- Maureen


Western Design Conference: September 2008

© 2008 Tim Carney

We are heading off tomorrow for the Western Design Conference in Jackson, Wyoming. I am looking forward to finding new venues for my handcrafted furniture, through meeting folks at the Jackson gathering.

Thank you to my wife and family, friends and customers for your support and the opportunity to practice my art and bring satisfaction and enjoyment to you for years to come. Maybe I'll see some of my customers and readers at the conference